George Cole: Wit and wisdom

To know George Cole is to love him, sort of. If nothing else, his wit keeps Sussex County Council meetings far from boring.

Take a recent exchange for example:

During a discussion about making a donation to the Delaware Lions Club Foundation, fellow Councilman Sam Wilson told Lions representative Charles Covington any money donated from the county must support people within Sussex.

“I understand that is one of our limitations,” Covington responded.
To which the sly Cole replied: “Sam is one of our limitations.”

Cole, who lives in Ocean View and represents people in that area as well as the Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach areas, has been on council for more than two decades. During that time period, the coastal region has developed beyond anyone’s expectations.

Housing developments of all shapes and sizes, hotels, restaurants, large shopping centers, commercial development along Route 1 and proliferation of traffic are the hallmarks of the last two decades in the Cape Region.

There is no doubt the landscape of the Cape Region has changed dramatically and will change even more if planned projects come to fruition.

Whether this growth spurt is good or bad is up to each individual, and people line up on both sides of the issue. Although the line on the side of “enough is enough” is starting to get a lot longer.

Through it all, Cole has been the lone voice in the wilderness repeatedly asking for special protections for the environmentally sensitive developing district – the area he represents.

Although he has not voted against everything, as some claim, he has a solid record of voting on the side of protecting the environment and not expanding sewer districts only for the sake of growth.

DINNER GUESTS – Cole, council vice president, was recently featured in the National Association of Counties newsletter Profiles in Service feature.

Cole’s favorite meal is fried oysters and chicken salad, favorite movie is The Godfather and favorite president is Ronald Reagan. He is most proud of having six beautiful children.

The three people (living or dead) he would most like to invite to dinner include Jonathan Winters, Don Knotts and Winston Churchill.

It makes you wonder. Whom would you invite to dinner? My dinner list would include just one person. Wouldn’t it be a great evening to sit and talk with Jesus? I don’t consider myself a religious fanatic, but I can’t think of any other person who could provide answers to life’s greatest questions.

I guess Lance Armstrong and Cal Ripken Jr. would do if I really had to have a trio on the list.


One Response to “George Cole: Wit and wisdom”

  1. joandeaver Says:

    I hope the council will support me when I submit a new ordinance to assure that development is accompanied by adequate public facilities. I am gathering people to begin to work with me by reviewing the Kent County version and writing what we think will be good for Sussex.

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