Small miracles happen all around us

I do believe in Christmas miracles. After shopping for a child in need of gifts, I forgot to take one of the key gifts, a skateboard, from the bottom of the shopping cart at the Rehoboth Beach Walmart.

I realized finding the skateboard was a lost cause, but I had to return to the store if for no other reason than to purchase another one. I guess most of us don’t have faith in humanity anymore. There was no doubt in my mind that someone saw the skateboard in the shopping cart and took it.

As I inquired about the skateboard at the customer service desk, all I got was blank stares. But guess what? Someone found the skateboard and placed it back on the shelf. I showed the customer service clerk my receipt and it matched up with the stock keeping unit (SKU) number, so I was set.

There is someone out there keeping an eye out for us.



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