Deaver comes clean on ‘real zoning’

Joan Deaver

During Sussex County Council discussions about land-use issues, Councilwoman Joan Deaver refers to “real zoning.” During those discussions, no one ever asks her what she means. So I did. Here is what she says:

“Real zoning. Real planning. Assign zones to the land. Plan how you want the county to look and zone accordingly, especially around the towns. Around the towns it’s a regional plan that’s put together by the town and county with public comment. Of course that’s a long procedure designed by planners and presented at a series of public hearings.

“But leaving the county all zoned AR-1 is absurd. AR-1 gives no one any peace unless they have purchased a home surrounded by a state park. Then I hear that state parks may also be used in the future to accept treated wastewater, so there’s little peace to be had without proper zoning.”

AR-1, or agricultural-residential, is the base zoning for the entire county with about 75 percent of the land zoned AR-1. Under Sussex County’s AR-1 zoning, two homes are permitted on one acre of land. That particular zoning is among the least restrictive on Delmarva, yet it has been in place since zoning was established in the county some 35 years ago. During that entire time I don’t think any council member has made a serious move to amend that zoning ordinance.


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3 Responses to “Deaver comes clean on ‘real zoning’”

  1. ginny donnelly Says:

    What does it matter what the zoning is if you do not enforce it. I have been after Ms Deaver and the Office of Zoning on issue in my neighborhood since she took office and I moved here. To this date nothing has been done!

  2. Ron MacArthur Says:

    what is the issue?

  3. Joan Deaver Says:

    Ron, I am sending out a survey on various council matters to gather opinions & advice.

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