One-man stand against gambling

Georgetown resident Eric Bodenweiser stands on his convictions, and is persistent as well. Last week he made an impassioned plea for Sussex County Council to pass a resolution against expanding gambling in the county. After not hearing anything from council, he returned to speak at the Tuesday, Jan. 26 meeting.

Bodenweiser also had an online petition opposing sports betting. In his mind, gambling only leads to troubles.

It appears he’s not going to stay away until he gets an answer. Although he asked for the item to be placed on the Tuesday, Feb. 2 agenda it was not.

Bodenweiser said at first, he had overstepped his bounds by asking council for the resolution against new casinos. “But you are concerned with addiction because you provide human service grants involved with addictions,” he said.

He said the council had donated thousands of dollars to at least six organizations. “There is no better way to prevent addiction than to stop it before it starts,” he said.

Bodenweiser said he was convinced if gambling expands to the county, some residents would stumble into addiction and lose their homes, jobs and families. “Then it will be too late,” he said.

He urged the council to follow the lead of the Indian River School District board that voted to oppose the construction of a casino in Sussex County.

Three groups have casino licenses pending in the county. The fate of new casinos in Delaware depends on General Assembly action, but it appears as if at least one will be given the green light to begin construction.

“Today I appeal to you through our shared faith in God,” he said. “You can take a stand for what is right and show you are the leaders I think you are. I humbly ask you to place this on next week’s agenda.”

He said it didn’t matter what reasons were placed in the resolution. They could include increased crime, gambling addiction or traffic problems, he said. “Or you don’t have to give a reason,” he said.


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2 Responses to “One-man stand against gambling”

  1. Eric Bodenweiser Says:

    Well written as usual. Wait until you see what I come up with next week. Stay tuned.

  2. Randy Says:

    …and should we all done puritan clothing and keep our women home, naked & pregnent?

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