Dan Kramer will be back

No wonder we are having so much snow. Dan Kramer missed a Sussex County Council meeting.

It’s really not a joking matter because Dan underwent cancer surgery Tuesday, Feb. 2, and will probably miss a few more meetings.

Dan, a gentleman farmer from Greenwood, is not sure when he first started attending council meetings, but he thinks it was around the time Council President Vance Phillips was elected to office. That was 12 years ago.

Since that time, he has not missed a meeting. He has been at meetings when he was ill and should have been at home. He schedules his week around the Tuesday time slot when council meets.

Attending meetings and keeping an eye on council is a source of pride to Dan – his colorful comments have livened up more than one council meeting over the years.

Dan will have a long road to recovery, but in his usual style he said there was no doubt at all he would beat the cancer.


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