Don’t bet on council vote

The gambling issue refuses to leave the hallowed halls of Sussex County Council.

For the third time someone from the Georgetown area showed up at the Tuesday, Feb. 16  council meeting asking for a resolution against the expansion of legalized gambling in the county.

So far, no council member has been brave enough to make a motion to that effect. Sam Wilson came close during the meeting when he offered kudos to those who spoke.

Wilson hinted he’d like to see council take a similar stand as the Indian River School Board when it issued a resolution against a casino built near any school.

One has to wonder if the council even has the legal precedent to take such a vote, but a vote would be extremely interesting. It’s not a county land-use application in question, but a moral issue.

The guy leading the charge, Eric Bodenweiser, twisted the issue from moral and ethical to one the county has dealt with before when he said county councilmanic grants have gone to support programs dealing with addictions.

In the game we play of predicting council votes, I wouldn’t dare to even take a guess at this one.

On one hand, the jobs created by a new casino in Sussex County would help boost the economy, but on the other hand the social ills created by gambling addiction can’t be discounted either.

No matter which way members voted they would be in a no-win situation, and that’s not a gamble I see county council taking.


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