The DMV: Fear of failure

Not far from The Circle in Georgetown is a place that causes me to lose sleep at night.

It’s not the place itself that is scary or bad, but all the unknowns surrounding the place that cause trepidation.  It’s thinking you may have forgotten an important paper, or you will fail in front of everyone.

Known to everyone as the DMV, the Delaware Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles controls the fate of one of the most important possessions we own. We need its blessing every so often to drive the roads of Delaware.

Almost everyone agrees the operation at the new complex in Georgetown is light-years ahead of what occurred at the old complex. It’s much more efficient and customer oriented – but it’s still scary.

It’s a safe bet that about 98 percent of those taking a vehicle through the DMV inspection lanes drive in and drive out with a passing grade and have no problems renewing their tags.

Put me in that other 2 percent because the DMV wizard has put a spell on me. I’ve failed inspection several times now, including this past week, for any number of reasons. One time my rear taillight actually burned out on the drive to Georgetown, another time my Jeep failed the emission test (twice) and most recently I discovered I had too much tint on my front windows. Actually, as I was to learn later, you can’t have any tint on the front windows, unless there is a medical reason that necessitates it.

I’ve been driving the vehicle around for more than three years with the illegal tint, which was in place when I bought the Jeep.

Jared Becker is my new hero. The owner of Shore Tint on Indian Mission Road near Long Neck saved the day when he removed the illegal tint from my front windows.

Jared said it’s not unusual for him to remove tint, and he has the art of taking the stuff off down to a science. He had removed tint from two other vehicles prior to doing my job.

Getting the thin tint off is not hard – it comes off with a razor blade – but getting the goopy glue off is another story; it’s not something you want to try at home.

Jared has been in business for almost 20 years and not only does vehicle tinting but also residential, business and marine tinting.

My hero pulls illegal tint from the window.

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.


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2 Responses to “The DMV: Fear of failure”

  1. Maggie Says:

    Wish I had known about Jared six months ago. I too had illegal tint on my windows that caused me to fail. There is some stuff you can buy at Wal-Mart to take it off but it IS messy. The question I have is WHY are dealerships allowed to sell cars which have this tint if it is not legal to have. I questioned the dealer I bought my car from when I bought it and he assured me that it was factory installed and totally legal. And this was from a very reputable dealer, not some fly by night used car salesman (sorry to all those great used car salesmen! I know you are in the majority.)

  2. Ron MacArthur Says:

    I purchased the Jeep from a reputable dealer as well – the tint has been on there for about four years I guess.

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