So, how wet is it?

Dairy Farm Road River.

It’s wet. So how wet is it?

It’s so wet ducks are swimming in people’s front yards.

That statement would be funny, if it weren’t true in some cases.

With the highest water table in recent times and rain that won’t seem to end, there is water, water everywhere in Sussex County. Some places are so bad I can’t see how the water will ever drain.

Some areas have had standing water since November. I can’t begin to imagine the crop of mosquitoes we will face; it’s been a perfect storm for those nasty critters.

Many farm fields have new ponds on them and standing water is tearing up roads.

People are screaming for relief, but there is little coming.

Less rain and warm temperatures are the only solution for many.

I’ve written several stories about flooding issues and have tramped through many areas where the water was over my boots. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” is what people are saying over and over again.

I’ve also spoken with many experts in the field of stormwater management and drainage, and one comment hit me like a rogue wave. A DNREC official told me people are building in areas, including some wetlands, where houses shouldn’t be. If the houses weren’t there, water would not be a great concern.

No duh.

Perhaps someone should take a serious look at that.

In fact, many more areas in Sussex County should be left alone ­– more than people realize. It’s only when Mother Nature steps up to the plate that we realize how vulnerable we really are.

The sad part of the story is that, for the most part, those with water issues have no one to turn to. Folks along Hudson Road near Milton who have suffered flooding problems for months are taking matters into their own hands, but their story is an exception.

Of course, there will be a drought this summer.


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