What was Sussex County’s first name?

Here is a hint to one of the answers.

The history of Sussex County is fascinating if you bother to do a little research. Here are a few trivia questions to see just how much you know.

1. Sussex County had a different name from 1680 until 1682. What was it?

2. Georgetown has not always been the county seat. Which town was the first county seat?

3. We see the word “kill” used in names around southern Delaware: Murderkill and Broadkill are two examples. What does the word “kill” mean in these references?

Check a future blog for the answers.


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3 Responses to “What was Sussex County’s first name?”

  1. Jill Showell Says:

    Sussex County was Deale or Deal County before 1682.
    Lewes was the county seat.
    Kill means river. It is a Dutch term.
    I win:)

  2. Jill Showell Says:

    Lewes or “Lewestowne”

  3. Ron MacArthur Says:

    You have them all!

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