Joan of Sussex County

Sussex County Councilwoman Joan Deaver was a little upset with a recent blog when I called her a liberal. She said it’s hurtful to place labels on people, and this one didn’t fit her anyway. Now a Democrat, Deaver said she was a registered Republican before moving to the Cape Region from Annapolis.

I based my claim on her voting record, comments at meetings, her associates and actions. I think asking for the word “Easter” to be replaced on a council meeting schedule falls a little left of center, but that’s just me. In addition, she is not in the same ballpark with two other council members who disagree with almost everything she says – and they are conservatives.

You could argue that county council members don’t fit the true definition of a politician. Granted, politics is not as major a factor at this level of government, but it does sneak in from time to time. No matter how you slice it, elected officials are politicians.

Joan Deaver

Deaver is right that putting labels on people can be hurtful, yet it’s part of the landscape of American politics. It’s not meant to hurt but to let people know what side of the fence elected officials tend to spend most of their time.

Mrs. Deaver has stepped out of the role of Joan the Citizen to Joan the Politician. Elected officials are right-wingers, left-wing radicals, moderates, conservatives, ultra-conservatives, pro-development, anti-development, fiscal conservatives and the list goes on and on.

So why did she change her party affiliation? I think it’s a safe assumption that she was told by her constituents she would have a better chance of winning an election in her district with a big “D” before her name. Those around her, many who are transplants from the Baltimore and Washington areas, side with the liberal agenda on many issues. There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s the way it is.

Mrs. Deaver changed her affiliation to take on a different label, and once again, there is nothing wrong with that. Politicians do it all the time.

My own label would be conservative, which most people would find odd since I work in a profession with a liberal label. No matter how hard we try, it’s impossible to escape the labels all around us. Sorry about that Joan. Is moderate better?



4 Responses to “Joan of Sussex County”

  1. ted ferragut Says:


    Not sure what you are trying to do. Be humorous? Sarcastic? Critical?

    How about calling Joan open, honest, creative, caring, strong, smart, considerate, bold, watchful, tough, and resourceful? Pick a few of those labels.

    The Joan I know cares more about this County and her constituents, even a non-constituent like me, than many of the people who have lived here forever.

    Ted Ferragut

  2. Joan Deaver Says:

    Thanks for the coverage.

  3. John Walsh Says:

    Joan Deaver strives to represent the citizens of her District. I do not always agree with her stand on issues but I do know she listens to her constituents, attends community meetings and other functions not to speak but to listen to different points of view. She has been sued for daring to do this: I would think any “politician” would expect appreciation for doing their job properly, not a lawsuit!

  4. Aimee Carney Says:

    Very awesome post! Honestly!

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