A fantasyland of sights, sounds and smells

On Rehoboth Beach.

They are here. Hundreds of thousands descended upon the coast like a swarm of mad African bees over the Memorial Day weekend. Life for those who live in the Cape Region has changed ­– at least on the weekends (including Friday) and August when everyone takes vacation.

I’m totally in support of the businesses that thrive off vacationers. Even so, it’s beyond my comprehension why someone would pay a lot of money to visit the area and sit on a beach so crowded with people you can’t move.

Yet, thousands upon thousands do it week in and week out throughout the summer. Houses and condos that seem to be vacant most of the year have cars and SUVs parked in front of them.

They come from Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Those with vacation homes or living close enough to make the drive in under three or four hours come most weekends.

They sit out and bake in the hot sun even though we are told that overexposure to the sun is bad for us.

They drive in unbearable traffic from urban areas in a mad dash to get out of the city only to encounter more traffic jams on beach routes. They stay to the last minute and rush back home in more traffic, and then they do it again the next weekend.

Yet, through it all, this area is a great place to live and visit. There is nothing like a stroll on the Boardwalk at night. The sights, sounds and smells create a fantasyland of delights that help us escape from the daily grind. A mixture of sand and sea, the smell of pizza and caramel corn, the cry of the gulls and screams from kids on rides stimulate the senses. It’s no wonder visitors keep coming back.

CAN’T TOP THIS ONE – You really have to love beach season. It got off to a big bang with a group of topless transgender men who caused a stir off Queen Street (you can’t make this stuff up) in Rehoboth Beach over Memorial Day weekend when they refused to wear their tops, exposing their implanted female breasts.

The story attracted national attention and was posted on more than 300 news sites.

I would have paid money to listen to the conversation between lifeguards, police and the men with breasts as they ironed out a compromise to put on tops without anyone getting placed in handcuffs.

With all the cell phone cameras around these days, photos will eventually surface of this encounter.


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