Historic Woodland Ferry back in action

The Tina Fallon crosses the Nanticoke River.

The Woodland Ferry has a storied past, and a history of not operating – at least over the past decade. Even a new six-car ferry, named after long-time, retired State Rep. Tina Fallon of Seaford, has been plagued by problems over the past two years. But it’s working today.

A ferry has been crossing the Nanticoke River in Woodland, about five miles from Seaford, since the 1740s. Called Cannon’s Ferry, it remained in the Cannon family for more than 100 years. The murder of Jacob Cannon Jr. at the ferry wharf was the beginning of the end of the family’s connection to the ferry.

In 1883, the state took over the ferry operation and the first engine was added in 1930. Prior to that, strong men had to pull the ferry across using ropes. It’s always served as an important link between the Seaford and Laurel areas.

The ferry was moved to the new state highway department (now DelDOT) in 1935. The most famous vessel to cross the Nanticoke, the Virginia C., was in operation from 1961 to 2008 when the Tina Fallon replaced it. There is no charge to use the ferry and the crossing takes less than five minutes.


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