Glad to live in Sussex

You really have to be there to appreciate it. Some of the strangest conversations and comments emanate from the Sussex County Council chambers.

Take for example comments from the June 15 meeting.

During a debate about a time extension for a project, Councilman George Cole became perturbed with President Vance Phillips.  Cole wanted council to vote then and there against granting another time extension, but Phillips pushed for a deferral because one member of council was on vacation.

Cole went along with it and said, “I don’t want to see standards lowered any more under your reign of terror.”

Phillips just smiled.

Then there was talk about the camel. Councilman Sam Wilson said the state is like a camel sticking its nose in the tent, which is the start of the camel wanting to come inside the tent. The tent, of course, represents Sussex County.

Cole agreed, but went a tad further during a discussion of pending legislation that would require the county to submit all zoning ordinances to the state Office of Planning Coordination. He said the camel’s ears, neck and nose are already in the tent as they look at ways to take over land-use decisions from the county.

During the June 22 budget public hearing, Wilson took exception when a taxpayer questioned why her annual sewer bill was more than $500 when others were paying less. She was also confused about why she paid a front-foot assessment fee on land she doesn’t own.

It gave Wilson an excuse to vent because it appeared his comments had been bottled up inside him for quite awhile.

Wilson disagreed that her sewer fee was an exorbitant amount. He said putting in your own system and maintaining it would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

“I hear you, but you are almost getting a free ride,” Wilson said, adding the manufactured homeowner pays about $40 in annual property taxes (with school taxes of about $500).

Wilson also had words for those who complain about the county. “People come here, and they want more services and more government. I tell them to go back home, and then they’ll come back and be glad to live in Sussex County,” he said.


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