Shhh! Best fireworks are in Lewes

Fireworks over Lewes Beach.

On the night of July 4th as Lewes police cracked down on alcohol consumption and bonfires on Lewes Beach, dozens of illegal fireworks shows were blasting and booming all around them. It was hard to hear them speak because of the noise of the bombs bursting in air.

It’s not just Lewes. Fireworks could be seen exploding all along the Delaware Bay coastline and even across the bay in New Jersey. There were so many different blasting areas, you almost got whiplash turning your head from side to side.

As locals know, one of the best kept-secrets in Lewes is fireworks on the beach on July 4th. I was at a party two years ago when police stopped a show our host was having because a neighbor complained about the noise. Others went on without disruption – I guess because no one complained.

July 4th is not an easy holiday for local police; they probably don’t look forward to it, even if they get overtime pay. Police are in a no-win situation because nobody wants to throw a wrench into a great party, especially on July 4th.


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