Just answer her question

Sometimes I don’t get how Sussex County government works.

At the Tuesday, July 20 meeting Dixie Boucher of Lewes blasted county council in one of the most tersely worded criticisms I’ve heard recently. She used words and phrases like “total lack of concern,” “abhorrent” and “detrimental” in her dissertation on the ills of county government.

She also wanted to know the status of recommendations for possible code changes relating to manufactured home issues. She was a member of the committee that came up with the recommendations.

Obviously council members did not appreciate her comments. Councilman Sam Wilson fired back that her comments were just one woman’s opinion.

What they should have given her was a simple answer to her question. The answer is ordinances are being drafted by county legal staff and will be introduced soon. That seems simple enough.



One Response to “Just answer her question”

  1. dorothy boucher Says:

    Dear Ron, Thanks for your commentary but it is a little more involved. It became obvious to me when they rejected a well qualified nominee like John Walsh for the BOA that they really have no intention of addressing the real problems that have been occurring with the County Code and the BOA. In my reccomendations, I stated they needed to replace many of the current members and when they got the chance, they rejected it just like they continue to reject any positive change for Sussex County. I meant every word of my tersely worded condemnation of the three members I mentioned and I can only hope by telling it like it is, that enough people in this County will wake up and get rid of these people so Sussex County can start responding to what it’s citizens want and not the personal agendas of the three Council members in question. Can you answer a question for me? Why is it okay for a new nominee for the BOA to have to present his resume and answer questions to be considered for the position but the current members, who have been on board for years and caused so many of the problems, are exempt from having to qualify themselves? What kind of new rule is that and what would be the justification for it? Even incumbent politicians have to present their case to the people to be re-elected. It all is so sad. Dorothy Boucher

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