Always fair in Harrington

The Delaware State Fair is the only place on Earth to find the following in one place:

The world’s smallest woman and horse; racing pigs; circus and midway rides; doughnut burgers; every kind of food imaginable from ribs to crepes; people selling everything from toe rings to leather cowboy hats; tractor pulls; an ice show; and all kinds of animals from strutting turkeys to a giraffe you can pet for $1.

The most unbelievable aspect of the fair is that hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people actually live on site for the whole 10 days of the event. Each year the number of motor homes, pop-up tents and travel trailers grows.

The numerous contests geared toward farm families and 4-H clubs prove that agriculture is still the biggest industry in the state. The colors, sounds and smells are enough to overload the senses.

The fair has grown from a Kent-Sussex Fair started in 1920 on 30 acres in Harrington to the colossal Delaware State Fair now covering 300 acres. It cost 50 cents for adults to attend the first state fair, plus 25 cents per vehicle. Now, there is no charge for parking, but adults pay $6 at the gate.

More than 307,000 people visit the fair each year.



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