Councilman throws DART under the bus

It appears a bus rider at this stop along Route 9 near Harbeson took care of the seating arrangements.

Sussex County Councilman George Cole went off on DART during a recent discussion of transportation projects in the county. He was extremely critical of the way the state’s bus system is run. “They need help,” he said. He said bus stops are poorly identified, put in odd places and there is nowhere for people to sit when they are waiting. He said some of the stops actually put those waiting for buses in unsafe situations.

“And I don’t see anyone on the buses,” he said.

That might be going a bit far. Although the buses are not used as a source for mass transit as they are in big cities, officials say rider ship this year is way up. The buses are important to those who rely on them.

I do agree with Cole about the placement of some of the stops. He was questioning a stop at the end of Fred Hudson Road near Bethany Beach, which is a little off the beaten path. “It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said.

I see a few, like one at the intersection of Fisher Road and Route 9, that are also a little out of the way (see the photo).

Let’s face it, people in this area are used to driving cars everywhere. The majority of those who use the buses are foreign students who don’t have cars, those who need to get to work without any other transportation and those who have lost their licenses.


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