Battle over; war begins

The real winners in the recent primary? The companies printing the campaign literature.

Those who think politics doesn’t get emotional should have interviewed a few Republicans after the Tuesday, Sept. 14 primary. I’ve never seen so much trepidation following an election. Pundits far and wide, including such national notables as conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, have analyzed Christine O’Donnell’s stunning upset of Rep. Mike Castle every which way but loose.

The Castle camp is left scratching their heads, as they come up with reasons for the defeat, which I think is Castle’s first ever in 40 years of politics. Castle even blamed Limbaugh as one of the reasons for his loss.

He must be bitter because it appears he’s not even giving O’Donnell the time of day. That has angered conservative Republicans who put O’Donnell into the general election. Questions surrounding the support of the Republican Party in Delaware for O’Donnell have only helped add fuel to the fire that is burning away at the Republican Party’s fabric.

In a brief press release issued Thursday, Sept. 16, Delaware State Republican Chairman Tom Ross said it’s time for the party to “unite over shared principles and a determination to rescue the economy from the destructive policies advanced by Democrats.”

“The Delaware Republican Party plans on doing what it does every election year – working hard for our candidates,” he said. “The winds of change are blowing hard in Delaware and together we can take our state and country back. I will honor my commitment to our party’s grassroots activists and continue to serve as chairman of the Republican Party of Delaware.”

My best friend in the whole world, who has supported Republicans her entire life, is ready to change to an Independent because she is so fed up with the actions of state Republicans. Time will tell how many more take that route.

So why did Castle lose? Long considered a moderate Republican with a strong base in New Castle County, even among Democrats, he became the target of the Tea Party movement as the poster boy for what is wrong in Washington, D.C. I really don’t think Castle saw it coming, and by the time he realized it, the O’Donnell train had pulled ahead of him. It’s as if one of Washington’s elite could not conceive that a two-time loser with backing from voters waving the U.S. Constitution around could beat him.

O’Donnell has a tough task ahead of her bringing the Delaware Republican Party back into focus, because, like it not, she will need all party faithfuls to stand a chance against Democrat Chris Coons. Right now there is a split in the party wide enough to lead an elephant through, and political experts are giving her no chance of winning the general election.

Castle was able to win in a Democratic state because he was left of center and was able to pull in some Democratic votes. O’Donnell is going to have a tough time just maintaining Republican votes from those who do not support her, let alone garnering any Democratic votes.

Christine O’Donnell may have won the battle, but she is far winning the war.


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