Sam did his homework

Sussex County Councilman Sam Wilson had done his homework as he quizzed staff during a recent tour of the NRG Indian River power plant.

He asked plant officials to take a serious look at giving excess sulfur to area farmers instead of placing it in a landfill. Wilson said Sussex soil has a low pH and farmers have to purchase sulfur each year to add to the soil. He claims environmentalists have done too good a job removing sulfur from the air.

Plant manager Jack Grant said the idea might turn out to be a good one if it can get by scrutiny of federal and state regulators. In any case, they will look into it.

Wilson also knew that it costs twice as much to produce a kilowatt-hour of energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar compared to more traditional production from coal. He even knew the numbers: 14 cents versus 7 cents.



One Response to “Sam did his homework”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Councilmember Wilson may have done his homework. But did he leave out some of the facts? The extraneous costs of using coal are not included: the public’s health and ground water pollution from the ash, for example.

    Question: Can pure sulfur can be spread on farmland? Would there not would be air pollution from blown sulfur dust particles? What form of sulfur do farmers use? If the sulfur from Indian River can be used in an environmentally appropriate manner, maybe Sam has come up with his first constructive suggestion.

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