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Away in a place where animals live

December 17, 2009

Manger scene on The Circle in Georgetown.

Does the above photograph offend you? Does it bother you that this manger scene is on The Circle in Georgetown – on a piece of publicly owned property?

The vast majority would not give the placement of the crèche on The Circle a moment’s thought. But, more and more people would answer those questions in the affirmative.

In our politically correct world, mixing religion and government is becoming more taboo. The debate over separation of church and state is nowhere near settled and will continue for generations to come.

Most schools no longer have Christmas events. They are now called winter or holiday events.

Christmas parties with treats and presents around a Christmas tree in teachers’ rooms are frowned upon.

Many businesses are afraid to use the word Christmas in their advertising. However, I noticed that Walmart staff is saying Merry Christmas to customers, at least in the Rehoboth Beach store.

Lowe’s went as far as to remove the word Christmas from its trees, only to put it back on because of public outcry.

These changes in Christmas traditions are perpetuated by those who want everything we do and say to be politically correct and divorced of religious overtones.

People of other faiths and beliefs can still celebrate Christmas as a time for families to gather; not as the birth of the Christ child, and I’m sure many do.

Christmas can be what you want it to be.