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What Christmas is all about

December 22, 2009

Because of my limited capacity to retain anything beyond a few days, let alone several years, the following story may have a few details out of place, but the general idea of the story is still there.

In my younger days, I was editor of a weekly newspaper in another part of Sussex County. Around the middle of December, editors are always searching for stories to warm people’s hearts and capture the essence of Christmas spirit.

I found one at a local elementary school that was collecting coats and clothes for people in need. It was nice that little kids were collecting things for other kids at this special time of year.

Because I knew that a particular reporter in the office was considered a Grinch, I sent him on the assignment to get a story about the clothing drive.

What he came back with has stuck with me for these past 30 years as one of the most touching moments in my life.

When he came back, he couldn’t talk about what happened without getting tears in his eyes. He said he found an envelope inside of one of the coats that contained a few dollar bills and some change.

On the envelope was a note written by one of the children at the school explaining that this was her life’s savings but she was sure someone needed it more than she did.

That story attracted so much attention not only because of what that child did, but the way the reporter, George D. Graves, wrote the story. It was written from the heart by a man who, from the outside, appeared to be the antithesis of Christmas spirit.

But there is more to this heartwarming story. When he told me the little girl’s name I broke down as well. Not only was it someone I knew; it was my niece, Carreen. She is married now and has two teen-age sons.


Small miracles happen all around us

December 21, 2009

I do believe in Christmas miracles. After shopping for a child in need of gifts, I forgot to take one of the key gifts, a skateboard, from the bottom of the shopping cart at the Rehoboth Beach Walmart.

I realized finding the skateboard was a lost cause, but I had to return to the store if for no other reason than to purchase another one. I guess most of us don’t have faith in humanity anymore. There was no doubt in my mind that someone saw the skateboard in the shopping cart and took it.

As I inquired about the skateboard at the customer service desk, all I got was blank stares. But guess what? Someone found the skateboard and placed it back on the shelf. I showed the customer service clerk my receipt and it matched up with the stock keeping unit (SKU) number, so I was set.

There is someone out there keeping an eye out for us.