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Mike Vincent says his work is done

February 2, 2011

You really never know what will happen during a Sussex County Council meeting. If nothing else, it’s a great place for quotes.

During a discussion over a conditional-use application for Lawson’s Produce in Harbeson Tuesday, Feb. 1, something unusual occurred.

Council members Joan Deaver, Sam Wilson and Vance Phillips agreed to change three conditions recommended by the county’s planning and zoning commission. It’s rare that Wilson and Phillips see eye-to-eye with Deaver on anything. The three voted for the changes and for the conditional use to pave the way for a mulching operation.

The action prompted Council President Mike Vincent to comment on the historical event.

“I’ve only been president for one month, and I already have Joan, Sam and Vance on the same page. My work is done,” he said.

The comment drew smiles from the council and another comment from Phillips who said the quote would likely end up in this blog. He was right.