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Some Christmas wishes come true

December 17, 2009

I’m betting that Sussex County Councilwoman Joan Deaver is the first to publish an official Christmas wish list.

Remember, this is the same councilwoman who tried to get the council to remove the phrase Easter vacation from its annual calendar because it alienated her Jewish constituents. She has since apologized for the action.

Casting that irony aside, it’s impressive that she bothered to send Santa Claus a list for the benefit of those who live in Sussex County. She has included some wishes from her constituents as well.

Deaver has some great “wants” on her list. Included are the following that I would put at the top my list as well: a county board of ethics, with rules outlining when a council member should recuse himself or herself for  conflict of interest; and providing more detail for agenda items to alert people about pending applications – at least offering an address and a better description of a project.

I would include the board of adjustment and planning and zoning under code of ethics review as well.

You can see a complete list of Deaver’s wishes on her website at You really need to check out her list.

Here is my Christmas wish list:

Councilman Sam Wilson would sit closer to his microphone so he could be heard.

Council watcher Dan Kramer would break his silence and speak at council meetings. He will speak during public hearings but not during council meetings since council adopted a new public participation policy.

Council and planning and zoning would institute a policy that all speakers sign in with their address and make that list available to the press.

Councilman Mike Vincent would stop tabling issues. Prior to his election, the table process was rarely used. He has used it at least twice in the past few months.

Do you doubt that any of these wishes will come true? They do. One of my wishes came to fruition last year. Thanks to Council President Vance Phillips and Chip Guy, director of public information, the council now provides a packet of pertinent information to the press for each meeting. The packet has become an invaluable tool to help disseminate information to the public.