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Look out when Kramer gets on line

December 16, 2010

Dan Kramer of Greenwood, the most consistent county council meeting attendee in history, has done something he said he would never do. He has purchased a computer and plans to start his own blog on county matters in 2011.

If he is able to get the blog off the ground, it should make for some very interesting reading. Kramer used to address council members on a regular basis on a variety of topics, but he has been silent throughout most of 2010 because council instituted a new public participation policy. Under the policy, those who wish to speak to council must sign in and are restricted to three minutes more or less. In addition, those who speak are not permitted to address specific council members.

Kramer has a few choice words for the policy and as a protest has remained quiet. That could all change with Kramer’s musings on the world wide web.


Dan Kramer will be back

February 2, 2010

No wonder we are having so much snow. Dan Kramer missed a Sussex County Council meeting.

It’s really not a joking matter because Dan underwent cancer surgery Tuesday, Feb. 2, and will probably miss a few more meetings.

Dan, a gentleman farmer from Greenwood, is not sure when he first started attending council meetings, but he thinks it was around the time Council President Vance Phillips was elected to office. That was 12 years ago.

Since that time, he has not missed a meeting. He has been at meetings when he was ill and should have been at home. He schedules his week around the Tuesday time slot when council meets.

Attending meetings and keeping an eye on council is a source of pride to Dan – his colorful comments have livened up more than one council meeting over the years.

Dan will have a long road to recovery, but in his usual style he said there was no doubt at all he would beat the cancer.

Say a prayer for Dan

January 6, 2010

If you follow Sussex County Council, you know that sitting in the back of the room is Dan Kramer of Greenwood. Dan has not missed a meeting for more than 15 years.

We all need to say a prayer for Dan as he undergoes some medical procedures to start the New Year. Knowing his feistiness, he won’t be down for long.

In fact, I think he has planned everything so he won’t miss a council meeting.

Dan is one of those unique Sussex County individuals who is not afraid to speak his mind to anyone who will listen. But, ironically, since the council changed its public participation policy he has not spoken during a regular meeting. He will talk during public hearings, but refuses to utter a word until council rescinds the current policy.

Under the policy, speakers must sign up at the meeting and restrict their comments to around three minutes. In addition, all comments must be general in nature and not aimed toward a council or staff member. In other words, you can’t call out someone at a meeting.

It’s not that he can’t speak his mind in three minutes, he says the entire policy restricts free speech.

I know that council members put little stock in what Dan says. They view him as a thorn in their side.

In reality, he is one of the few citizen watchdogs out there keeping an eye on county government. Sometimes he is the only member of the public at a meeting.