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In this economy, every dollar helps

February 7, 2011

Every dollar in the Sussex County till helps a little, and $177,800 helps a lot.

The Sussex County engineering department was able to negotiate that savings as part of the Inland Bays Regional Wastewater Facility expansion project. The savings reduces the capital cost of the project, funded by the sewer district, and customers will save a little on their sewer bill.

The action is just one example of the penny-pinching attitude within Sussex County government. In these tough economic times, when government workers are being laid off right and left ­– including police and firefighters – it’s encouraging to note that the same has not happened in Sussex County.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to make cuts in staff than it is in programs.

Through attrition, early retirements and repositioning staff, the county has been able to cut the work force without seriously affecting  those trying to make ends meet by keeping their jobs.

When you consider that most of the county’s $46 million operating budget –­ 62 percent in fiscal 2011 – is spent on employees and benefits, it’s amazing Sussex County has been able to hold the line.

Employees have had to do with a little less, and some are paying more for healthcare insurance. When you consider the alternative, a little sacrifice is worth it.