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Don’t go out without the proper clothing

October 14, 2009

Do you think attorneys and county officials are not aware of the community debate swirling around them as they decide the controversial LT Associates’ rezoning application for the Village Centre in Lewes?

During a recent discussion at a planning and zoning meeting that had nothing to do with Village Centre, attorney Dennis Schrader, who represents LT Associates, casually mentioned something about deer stands that should be removed from a property he represents.

One of the commissioners warned him, since he was an attorney, that it would be prudent for him to wear something bright orange if he went out in the woods to complete the mission himself.

Schrader, who is quick on the draw, fired back that he wished he had camouflage clothing to wear during a couple of recent long nights spent in council chambers.

“No, that’s what you need walking the streets of Lewes,” fired back Commission Chairman Robert Wheatley.

Someone added that he should probably wear Kevlar underneath as well.