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Deaver backer aiding Cole’s opponent

September 15, 2010

The upcoming Nov. 2 election got a little more interesting with the filing of Democrat Russ Melrath for the District 4 seat against Republican George Cole, who has held the seat for 24 years.

Republican Council President Vance Phillips, seeking a fourth term in District 5, also has a challenger in Democrat Dennis Cordrey.

Melrath and Cordrey are newcomers to the world of politics. Cordrey does know a lot about the inner workings of Sussex County government as a retired employee. Melrath seems to have a passion for everything he gets involved with, but his name is by no means a household word in District 4. He has a lot of work to do.

A sidelight to the Cole-Melrath race is that Betty Deacon, who lives near Lewes, is Melrath’s campaign manager. Deacon also  helped Joan Deaver become the first female elected to Sussex County Council.

Deacon, who worked on political campaigns in Maryland before moving to Sussex County, is a strong organizer who knows the right buttons to push.

One has to wonder how all of this sits with Cole since he and Deaver, although from different parties, agree more than they disagree on council issues, especially those pertaining to growth in eastern Sussex.

Now a friend of the Deaver camp is actively working against him. Knowing Cole, he will take it in stride and place it in the category  politics as usual.